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Elbit company is created by the several technicians and engineers who are the members of one, compact team and for whom there are no impossible things. No matter whether you need a standard service or consultancy concerning the best solution about metal electroplating – we are at your disposal and we will try hard to stand on the heights of the task. Just contact us!



ElbitGold plating


ElbitHigh phosphorus nickel plating

High phosphorus nickel plating

ElbitCopper plating

copper plating

Elbitsilver plating

silver plating

Elbittin plating

tin plating

Elbitzinc plating

zinc plating

Elbitnickel plating

nickel plating



Elbitaluminium coloration

aluminium coloration

Elbitchemical nickel plating

chemical nickel plating

Elbitblack nickling

black nickling

Elbitruthenium plating

ruthenium plating

We are the company with a long tradition because our activity on the galvanic market (Silesia) began in 1989. Since that time we constantly upgrade our skills in order to offer not only good but also fulfilling the highest expectations services. Tradition means experience and experience is the priceless knowledge thanks to which we can guarantee a perfect end result which is gained by the lowest possible cost with maintaining the highest quality; and this is what fulfills our customers’ requirements.

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Elbin Spółka Jawna
B.J.P Śliwińscy, M.J.Sucharkiewicz, M.Żabicki
ul. 3-go kwietnia 21
41-253 Czeladź

tel: +48 32 764 23 87
fax: +48 32 764 22 31
e-mail: elbit@elbit.info.pl

Inżynier d/s handlu i produkcji Robert Bacia
tel: +48 502 033 384
e-mail: robert.bacia@elbit.info.pl


X-ray analysis

The galvanic coatings which we make are characterized by the high strength which can be always confirmed by the report from the researches carried out by using the X-ray fluorescence method. We would not have such possibilities if not the X-ray spectrometer of Oxford Instruments brand – X-Strata PM 960, which is in our possession from 2009, thanks to the EU funds support (European Regional Fund 2007-2013).

The spectrometer gives us the possibility to perform the precise X-ray analysis – measuring the thickness of (up to 5 layers deep) and the elemental composition of coatings (from Ti22 to U92) not only galvanic but also alloys as well as foils. It is worth adding that the precision of the measurements can be compared to the recognized certified references given by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). If you commission an X-ray analysis to us, you can be sure that we will perform the measurements with the highest precision. What is more, we have the team of the skilled professionals, among which there are professionals with a PhD from the physical science, that is why, we provide a full interpretation of the measurement results as well as help and counseling in terms of X-ray analysis.

It is good to know that using a fluorescence spectrometry method allows to analyze the thickness and composition, in this case – galvanic coatings totally non-invasively. Spectrometry is also used to indicate the hazardous elements and precious metals as well as metals and alloys analysis.

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